DIY Face Mask



If you wish to wear a face mask whilst working or out-and-about there are a variety of options you can take, from purchasing a medical grade face mask to creating your own at home!



Face Masks at Coolo


If you would like to purchase a reusable face mask you are spoilt for choice at Coolo!


Nextra Newsagency offers MASKiT fabric face masks along with packs of PM 2.5 filters. 


Cooleman Court Pharmacy stock a range of disposable, N95 and KN95 face masks for your convenience, along with a wide range MASKiT fabric face masks and PM 2.5 filters. 


DIY Face Mask


If you would like to make your own face mask, the Australian Government Department of Health have provided a great instructional pamphlet using common fabrics from around the home. Who knows, you might have an inner-tailor just waiting to be discovered! 


We have included the instructions further down the page for you.


Pinterest have also supplied another easy DIY pattern option, check it out here!



Mask Tips & Tricks


Adjusting to a mask can be a bit uncomfortable at first. These tips and tricks can help making the adjustment that much easier. 


1. Relieve ear pain

Use a paperclip to loop the elastic straps through. It will take the pressure off your ears and will avoid chaffing!


2. Reduce 'maskne'

To prevent breakouts from oil build-up whilst wearing a mask, opt for a face cleanser that uses salicylic acid which decreases inflammation. 


3. Prevent itching and redness

Place a tissue at the tip of your nose and just past your lower lip to combat irritation. 


4. Breathe a little easier

If you're finding it quite stuffy to breathe under your mask, try a sugar free menthol cough drop. The menthol will help relieve stuffyness while keeping your breath fresh!