Kid's DIY Poppy Craft

What you need


Red cupcake holders x 3

Straw x 1


Black Pen

Glue (optional)

Step 1


Turn your cupcake holders inside out, so the red side faces upwards

Cut approximately 1cm off the edge of your second cupcake holder

Step 2


Cut approximately 2.5cm off the edge of your third cupcake holder

Step 3


Using your black pen, colour a circle on your smallest cupcake holder

Step 4


Place the three cupcake holders on top of one another, with the largest on the bottom, medium in the middle and smallest with its black circle on top

You can glue these together if needed, we didn't find it necessary

Step 5


Cut a small slit through the three layers of cupcake holders

Step 6


Thread your straw through the slit, until the bend in the straw is through to the other side

Step 7


Cut the excess straw off

Step 8


Your poppy is done! You can put them in a vase or make them into a wreath.