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Top Caramilk Recipes

Cadbury Caramilk is one of Australia’s most-loved chocolate blocks. When it disappeared off supermarket shelves in 1994, Aussies actively campaigned for its return. Fast forward to 2021 and it’s back! We’ve rounded up some tasty Caramilk recipes for you to recreate at home!


Add Caramilk to your grocery list for your next shop at Woolworths.


Caramilk chocolate chip cookies

This recipe makes a batch for 30 and is quick and easy to whip up!


Caramilk cheesecake

Become the Caramilk Queen (or King!) with this heavenly recipe.


Caramilk and coconut balls

Super easy to make and they are super yummy too!


Caramelised white choc tiramisu 

Adding a modern twist to an all-time favourite. 

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