Your Local Legends

Meet Just Cuts’ owner Venus and learnt about what motivates and inspires her! 

What do you love most about owning your own business? What I love the most about owning my business is being able to follow my passions whilst challenging myself and ultimately seeing the smiles of my clients and staff!

What made you want to start managing the Just Cuts at Cooleman Court? Cooleman Court is lovely and has many communities with a friendly and kind culture. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with a long-time friend and experienced Just Cuts hairdresser to help grow the business too! Cooleman Court has everything I need in a shopping Centre and is in a great location, I love it.

What is coming up this year? What are you most excited about? Although the past year has been a challenging year for everyone, we have implemented great plans ahead! The most exciting thing is building our salon’s presence by adding in new services as well as regular seasonal promotions!

We understand you are currently studying now too, can you share some details on what you are studying? I am back to studying and am now learning about hairdressing for 18 months. I believe in the it’s “never stop learning, nothing too late to learn” philosophy. I know I am very new to this career but I really enjoy learning about the practical and theoretical components of the course.

Who inspires you every day and why? As I am very passionate about hairdressing, I draw inspiration from my clients and staff everyday. I want to be part of their smiles and for them to be proud of where they have their hair styled at. I want to make all my clients look good, feel good, happy and confident about themselves. Who knows, those great feelings could motivate them in their professional and social lives!

JUST CUTS are temporarily closed due to Covid restrictions.