Your Local Legends

Meet Frog from Songland Records and find out more about his rich music industry expertise and Songland's strong connection to the RSPCA ACT.


How did you get in to what you are doing now?

2021 sees my time in the music industry tick over 40 years...evidently, I'm now a (young) veteran of the game!


What do you love most about your business?

Among many things, creating a business that for 25+ years has enabled people to find the music and movies that means so much to them, and being involved with so many concerts and instore appearances where fans have gotten to see and meet their favourite musical artists. Songland Records will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary at Cooleman Court this year!


Who are some famous people that you have met? 

Well, by working at 2 major record companies and owning Songland, I've met or worked directly with 100's of artists. People from Michael Jackson to Mick Jagger, Suzi Quatro to Alice Cooper, Billy Joel to The Village People.


What do you like to do in your spare time when you’re not at Songland?

Spend as much time as I can with my wife.


How did Songland's Annual Music & Movie Sale Day come about?

Being the huge animal lover that I've always been  (I considered being a vet), it became apparent that as the community decided to offload their preloved music and movies, Songland could play a unique part in turning those donations into cash. So, for the last 12 years our Music and Movie Sale has bought a LOT of necessary equipment that has helped the RSPCA ACT provide the care and comfort the animals deserve.

Songland Records is currently open for Click & Collect only.